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    Shadow problems when importing to another application


      We do a lot of packaging work which is designed in Illustrator. We receive the files from the customer and check them to be sure legal copy and fit to dieline are correct.  There are many other things we must also check thanks in large part to Adobes need to make bells and whistles for designers to use.  Oh and do they use them.  We are not the end of the chain for these files since we forward the trapped files to different printers.  We have had many issues with Illustrator since good old version 8.  Oh those were the days.  The most recent issue seems to be with shadows created in CS.  Gaussian blurs seem to be the culprit as far as I can tell.  This week a printer called to say they had seen fine white lines appearing in the background (spot color background) and they were random all over. 


      To back up some, to trap the files for print, we import a CS3 EPS file into a program called ArtPro.  This program is for packaging printers and design houses.  We opened the problem file in ArtPro and zoomed into the areas as far a pixel level.  We could not see any lines anywhere.  The printer told us they take the file we send to them, a DCS file exported from ArtPro and they drop it into their Prinergy workflow. There it creates a PDF that they take into another program to check the file structure and such.  We tried to recreate this so we took the DCS file and placed it in an Illustrator document.  We then saved as a PDF file using Press Quality and opened in Acrobat Pro 8.  Yes we could see the fine lines they were talking about.  It seems to be some kind of interaction with the shadows created in Illustrator.  We tried many things from flattening the entire CS file to rasterizing it. Nothing we did seemed to make a difference.  We are stumped to be honest.  Last week we had shadows interacting with type even though it was turned to outlines before saving.  I'm not sure if it is a problem with our DCS file going through their workflow system or importing the CS file into ArtPro or what is going on.  I'm not sure if anyone has had problems like this with shadows importing into another program or not.  I read the threads about InDesign but I don't think this is the same thing.  If there were an emoticon for pulling ones hair out I would use it.  Thanks.