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    CSS rollover navigation now works, all except for a border in IE 6

    brightbelt Level 1

      Okay, DW CS4 here.


      I decided to scrap CSS gradients in my navigation for now; too much pain in IE 8 and there's not enough backwards compatibility as yet. 


      So what I've done is to make two 1  x 34 px gif gradients ( for the 'up' and the 'over' images) and set them to repeat-x in the CSS code.  The rollover isn't really as responsive as it might otherwise be, but this gives me flexibility in setting up my widths and in centering my navigational links across the top.


      Trying to use whole images is maddening in that I can't seem to find the right *equal* size that would fit a 780 px wide Div Container. 


      This 1 x 34 px method looks fine in everything I've tested except for IE 6. There, the right borders extend below the navigational bar about 3 to 4 pixels.

      It looks awful. Is there any solution or fix for this?


      I've tested in: (Apple) FF 3.6, IE 6, IE 7, IE 8, Safari 4.04, Linux FF 3.6.


      To be complete, I should mention that I am using Crossover Mac to run IE 6 and 7, so there is a possibility that it is the Crossover program that is merely misrepresenting its reading of IE 6. Possible but who knows.


      If anyone could test this on IE 6 with windows, I'd appreciate it. 




      Many Thanks for reading,

      Frank B.