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    The CS5 Frustration

    si-robertson Level 1

      I doubt very much that I am the only developer who is frustrated with the way Adobe is handling things in regards to the new CS5 software, it seems no lessons were learned from the CS4 promotion and release schedules. I am posting these questions here in the hope they will at least be read by someone at Adobe.



      1. Why do we still not have a release date even though working versions of the CS5 software were demonstrated 4 months ago?


      2. Why are selected individuals gaining access to prerelease versions of the CS5 software when Adobe said prerelease software would not be developed in order to bring the release date forward?


      3. Why are Adobe allowing selected individuals to publicly publish CS5 developed iPhone applications? Doing so gives those individuals a very unfair advantage where CS5 iPhone development is concerned.


      4. Why did Abode announce and preview the CS5 software so early? It may sustain the interest of investors but it leaves developers stuck in limbo from the moment beta software expires until the software is officially released. Yes, beta software is beta software, but you cannot expect developers not to get comfortable working with it when they are given a 60 day trial period.



      Adobe, please, do us all a favor and announce a release date, it is the least you can do at this point.