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    Scene Setup / Choose-your-own-adventure


      I'm setting up a simple narrative where the main timeline has a series of frames that progrss through a story. On each frame is a Graphic and two buttons, basically allowing the viewer to choose which frame to jump to next to advance the story. It's like those old choose-your-own-adventures, only in Flash.


      As I test the alignment of things, I'm using gotoAndStop() on the main timeline, first frame, to generate SWFs of each frame as I proceed, just to see how they look. I'm using tiny bitmaps (20K or so) and Flash graphics for the images. This has worked fine up to frame six or so, but now all I'm getting is blank frames for any frame past number 6. I've assumed it was something like files size t fault, since I've whittled down the file sizes as far as I can, and eked out an extra frame, but this is pathetic--well below 1MB for the whole thing. Moreover, if I preview as a movie, all the frames load and display normally.


      Not to put ideas in anyone's head, but this seems to be a display list quirk that I just don't get. It's consistent on both Mac and Win, so it's definitely something real. Any ideas, and more importantly, how to avoid it?