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    [CS3 | JS] Can't modify geometricBounds of object

    Brian Carter

      Okay, I've built some very complex scripts in VB but I'm now working on my Thesis on a Mac and trying to script in JS and some things I probably shouldn't be having problems with, I am.


      Like this one: I can't modify (or even read) the geometricBounds of a placed graphic. Here are the lines that are applicable:

      var myGraphic = myPage.place(File(myFileList[myKeyFile]),[0,0]);

      var myBounds = myGraphic.geometricBounds;  (this gives me an error of Undefined)


      When I use the Extendscript toolkit's Data Browser to twirl down myGraphic when at a breakpoint on the second line, it says myGraphic = [object PDF] and has attributes of concat(), Array(), hasOwnProperty(), and many others, none of which seem to be attributes of graphics. Nothing familiar.


      What am I doing wrong?