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    Different behaviour CS2 and CS4 when importing *.wmf files


      Hey everyone...


      I was using CS2 for post processing Data generated in Origin (similar to MS Excel).

      When importing *.wmf files to my workspace it was possible to edit the paths in groups (see image CS2 and CS2_2)


      Now using CS4 it seems that paths are grouped in a different way!

      It makes editing the graphs a lot harder. If i double click on the graph i get into the isolation mode, but still i can not easly change colours for all bar segments of the graph at once.


      Are there any preferences or options I need to change?

      I heared of a smart targeting Illustrator uses. Is this responsible for this?


      I would appreciate any comment on this.




      CS2: Image placed and then single click on graph

      CS2_2: click on a bar


      CS4: image placed and then single click on graph gives less options than in CS2

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          JETalmage Level 6

          In both your CS2 and CS4 instances, the imported artwork is contained in a clipping path. In versions prior to CS4, Illustrator displayed the edges of all the masked content when a clipping path was selected. It also treated the entire content as the bounds of the clipping path, which prevented being able to handle a clipping path as one should (aligning, etc.)


          In CS4, that was finally changed to what is normal among vector drawing programs in general. When you select a clipping path, it does not display edges of masked objects beyond the bounds of the clipping path. (This is a good thing.)


          Select the thing with the black pointer. Object>ClippingMask>Release and/or Object>Ungroup. Then edit. Or, leave the stuff as it is and use the white pointer to select and modifiy the nested objects.


          When artwork is imported into Illustrator, it may have any number of "nested" clipping paths, compound paths, and/or groups. It varies among formats and even differs within a given format depending upon the specific content.



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            mace_graz Level 1

            Thanks for your fast reply.


            This explains the behaviour.