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    Context Sensitive Ads

      I have a CF site, that I need to implement context senstive ads. We have a database of ads, and related keywords, so that is not the issue.

      How would I go about generating context sensitive keywords that I can then match to our database? Is there a 3rd party tool to assist in this, or how would a person go about creating context sensitive keywords from a given page.

      Our pages are all built dynamically based on user options, so I don't have the choice of pre-assigning keywords. Because of complexities that I won't get into here, it's not going to be easy to pre-assign keywords based on their options.

      Ideally, I would have a process, that would scan the page looking for content, and generate 'ad' relevant keywords. I see a lot of sites do this, like Google, Yahoo, etc. I'm just curious how I can do this?