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    Project manger in Cs4 makes a mistake

    Editor Naama Level 1

      Hello all,


      I'm using premiere cs4. I finished a project and trimmed it with the project manager and got a new project with all of the clips trimmed on a separate drive.

      It seemed o.k. except for one clip which I originally used 2 parts of: 1 of the beginning and 2 parts of the end with some effects applied. The premiere project manager had its own ideas for this edit and replaced between those two parts and also used some part from the middle of the clip which I hadn't used. I like to hear editing suggestions especially ones coming from a software... and they were interesting ones, but not quite what I had in mind. The slow motion and reverse effects for these clips were also removed.


      I might just export these parts from the original project and add them to this trimmed project as a specific solution but I'm still bothered as to why this happens and whether there's a fix to it.


      It's strange, It seems that it only happened with one clip. Does any one have a solution to this problem or have any idea as to its cause?


      Thanks a lot!!!