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    9.3.0 File association "icon" in XP Pro limited user account problem?


      XP Pro SP3 all MS Updates.

      Problem occurred after updating Adobe PDF reader to 9.3.0 via the program update feature


      File association ok but weird thing is on Limited user account.  The icons for a PDF file are not Adobe ones it is a generic one.  If I try to open the file it opens with the correct program.


      Problem evident on desktop icons and in looking in windows explorer.


      If I attach a file in my email program (Outlook Express) it shows the correct icon.


      These files were created from various pdf creators.  Ofice 2007 Mac SO X 10.4.11 Quartz, Adobe InDesign CS4 (6.0) and InDesigdn CS4 (5.0) so it doesn't seem matter what program created the files.


      I am at a loss to figure out how to get the correct icon in the Limited User Account.  The correct icons show up in the Admin account.  Note the files do open with the adobe reader.