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    How to Create search engine in Flex 4, using phpmyadmin and mamp server??


      Hi there,


      I am new to using Flex 4. I am creating a website with Flex 4, phpmyadmin and a mamp server. Dose anyone know how to create a search 'engine' or search functionality in flex 4. I want to be able to search through my database from my website. At the moment i have my database connected and i can show the data in a data grid. But when it comes to sorting them and displaying specific items from my database, i don't know how to.


      I was previously using Flex 3, and when importing my database into flex 3, it automatically generated a table and gave you the functionality to search, update and delete items from your database, can anybody tell me does Flex 4 have an equivalent, or how i could achieve this in Flex 4.


      I would really appreciate anyones help on this. I am a student and desperately trying to figure this out as i have a project deadline looming..


      Kind Regards,