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    Hyperlink in Flex


      Hi, I have created a flex project that needs to use hyperlinks. when i run the file from within flex builder the hyperlinks works fine however when i export as a release build they do not work. any help and i would be very grateful.

      Here is my code:


      public function textHandler(e:Event):void


          var styleSheet:StyleSheet = new StyleSheet();

          styleSheet.setStyle("a:link", {color: "#A6A6A6"});

          styleSheet.setStyle("a:hover", {color: "#0000CD"});

          e.currentTarget.mx_internal::styleSheet = styleSheet;




      <mx:Text initialize="this.textHandler(event)" left="15" verticalCenter="-65"

      fontSize="16" fontFamily="Georgia" selectable="true">



              <a href="Prices.html">Info & Prices</a>