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    Issue with serial number


      I have recently purchased a copy of Dreamweaver CS4, having previously used a different HTML editor (NAMO, as it happens).


      Installed it on my laptop while travelling and got started. Serial number entered successfully. Went through a bunch of tutorials successfully.


      Decided to use it on my desktop PC when I got home.


      Got the message "there is a conflict with this serial number please resolve it" but no indication of how to do so when I tried to enter the serial number on my desktop PC. Understandable: a license registered to one PC shouldn't be used at the same time on another. No issue for me - I'm not a brainiac or an octopus.


      However, according to the license agreement it is OK to have a "work" copy as well as a "travelling" or "home" copy, and that's what I need.


      Now when I try to use or activate on EITHER computer the serial number is simply X'ed out (yes, I can read and type, Adobe customer support - thanks for your patronising form response)


      I submitted a report to Adobe (by the way, if you have not registered as an owner of Dreamweaver I found it impossible to enter a query about Dreamweaver via the "other products" pulldown) which has resulted EVENTUALLY in the case being closed as "resolved" - of course, it isn't, and I am now locked out of the software I paid 8 times as much for as the rather quirky NAMO which had more functionality for an entry-level user such as myself 5 years ago than CS4 does now.


      I work for a software company and I can promise Adobe that any organization that treats its customers as shabbily as this, while believing it can charge a price premium, is doomed to fail.


      I guess the reason for this posting is partly to vent my frustration and partly in the hope that someone from Adobe customer support will re-open ticket number 203054761 and take it seriously.





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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          I've always found that if you need something solved in a timely manner you are always better off talking on the phone with support over email.  And to be honest Adobe support has not been up to par recently, there was a letter by their VP not too long back.  Macworld UK still has it on their site:




          There is an email address in there if calling on the phone does not solve your problem.  I can't guarantee that address still works, but it's worth a shot right?


          Also in the meantime if you need to use both versions, you should be able to use one, then click on Help-Deactivate before you close out and know you will need to use the other copy.  I wish I could speak more to your problem but with the complexity of licensing from companies like Microsoft and Adobe, it's hard to tell what is allowed between student versions, boxed versions, educational versions and open license versions.

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            Lampsh Level 1

            Thanks, Snake. That's quite good to know. I guess the "deactivate" command would have been the one to use up-front but I suspect that it's too late now.


            Even the copy I activated is now blocked and has been in eval mode until expiring (today) so the deactivate function is disabled. What really irritates is the closing of tickets as "resolved" when the support person clearly did no more than look at the title (not created by me!). Their "new global support partner" clearly has to look at their metrics more carefully.


            I'll try calling them today but am short of time. Like everyone else, of course!





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              Lampsh Level 1

              Tried the "live" chat. What a waste of time:


              Thank you for choosing Adobe. A representative will be with you shortly. Your estimated wait time is 0 minute(s) and 54 second(s) or longer as there are 1 customer(s) in line ahead of you.

              You are now chatting with Farook.

              Farook: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.

              Farook: Please allow me a moment to review your request.

              Farook: Hi Martin.

              Martin: Hi.

              Martin: For reference the serial number is <deleted>

              Martin: Purchased from Amazon.co.uk in January.

              Farook: I understand that you are unable to install the software. Am I correct?

              Martin: No. I installed it, activated it fine on my laptop but when I tried to do the same on my desktop PC the serial number conflictr was detected and both are now blocked.

              Martin: Farook, I suspect you won't find this in your FAQs, since it isn't on the support website. Can you escalate?

              Farook: I am sorry to hear that.

              Farook: Can I have your full name and email address?

              Martin: Martin Lampard

              Martin: <deleted>

              Farook: Thank you.

              Farook: Martin, I am sorry, the serial number which you have provided has not registered with.

              Farook: Hence, you need to contact Amazon.

              Martin: Rubbish. I had activated it on my laptop. I am 100% certain.

              Farook: I understand Martin.

              Martin: How did you check the serial number?

              Farook: Could you please re-confirm me the serial number?

              Martin: <deleted>

              Farook: Thank you.

              Farook: Martin, I am sorry, you need to contact Amazon.com.

              Farook: I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

              Martin: Why? They sold me a working copy of Dreamweaver.

              Farook: I understand, but I do not have enough resources to help you further.

              Farook: Please contact Amazon.com.

              Martin: What a waste of time. Makes me sorry I bought this Adobe product.

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                Lampsh Level 1

                Just for  the record: It's not "Farook's" fault, he's just following a script. He was at least polite and quick. I've now been sitting on hold to Adobe's support phone line for 10 minutes.


                Time to go online and look for an alternative editor. I wonder how much a Namo update would cost.

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                  Lampsh Level 1

                  Just an update in case anyone is interested.


                  Having failed to get through on the phone I re-opened the ticket for the 3rd time and in parallel sent an email to the address in the macworld article. In this case I got 2 responses, including a call back from India. Now it seems they are convinced it's pirate software but are at least helping me out (I think). Hopefully we will get this sorted!