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    URGENT - Screen Capture Video Quality




      I need to create a movie for a client that shows the computer system that was developed for them.  The system is a web application and is accessed using Internet Explorer.  I need to be able to put the movie onto a dvd for viewing at various client locations.


      I created a number of screen capture videos using Snagit 9 showing the user experience in Internet Explorer.  I took these with my screen resolution at 1440x900 and, when I put them into my Premiere Elements project that is setup as a NTSC DV format, the video quality is unreadable.  I have tried to use several tools to compress the video to a size that is lower than the 720x480 resolution of my NTSC DV format Premiere project and the files themselves look great when I view them using Windows Media player.  However, when I add the files to Adobe Premiere they become extremely blurry regardless of whether I've scaled the video or not.  I have tried different aspect ratios in the Interpret Footage and have even removed the scale to frame option.


      Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong or how I can fix this problem?  I need to have this video completed for tomorrow evening and am stuck with the illegible screen capture videos.  Please help.





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          Burn your project to DVD (or first to a folder then onto DVD) and see how it looks on a standalone DVD player. It may be a problem with your screen resolutions v native resolutions, or a lack of preview rendering (is there a red line above your timeline - if so press enter).


          On top of this you have the absolute problem that your are asking PRE to reduce from a 1440 x 900 screen resolution to a 720x480 DVD format. How well it does this you'll really only see by burning a DVD - but if it doesn't look good enough  you might consider using a 800 x 600 screen resolution to record your screen captures and reduce the amount of downscaling PRE does.


          Which Snagit Export format did you use to import to PRE? What other export formats are available?


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