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    How do you use a drop down menu to populate other fields?


      I am creating a PDF that upon choosing from a list of People their address, phone, etc will automatically come in the remaining fields, or if a new person is choosen than you can add names address phone and it will save for future referrence ?


      Any help would be appreciated,

      THank you

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          Thanks for your comment.


          Try doing this:


          • Connect the form to a database and bind the fields in the form to the associated nodes in the data source so the data values automatically appear in the bound fields when a name is selected in the list.


          • Add scripting to the list of names so the associated fields for address and phone number appear only when the user enters a new name and needs the other fields to enter new data.


          If that doesn't work, please provide more information about what you are trying to do. For example, here are a few questions to consider:


          Q. What object are you using for the list?


          Q. You say you want to be able to choose a person from a list of People, and their address, phone, etc automatically appears in the remaining fields address and phone number. What do you mean by etc. That is, exactly what objects are you planning to use for the other fields, and how many fields are there in total?


          Q. Is your form connected to a data base, which can supply the data values for the address and phone number fields.


          Q. What do you mean by 'a new person is chosen'. Normally the options on a list are pre-determined and added when you create the form. Do you want users to be able to add a new name to the list, and then enter that person's address and phone number in some adjacent fields?


          Have a look at these sections in the Help to gain a better understanding of what's involved:


          Working with Data Sources




          Buildling actions in forms