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    Ajax Post to .cfm throws IIS 500 (but same post to .aspx does not error)


      I have a cross domain ajax call properly set up and tested to resolve to a .cfm but IIS throws a 500 error.


      Here is the scenario:


      On one domain (a.tld) I have an ajax application.

      This application posts to another domain (b.tld).

      When a.tld posts to a .cfm on b.tld, I get a 500 error. But, when a.tld posts to a .aspx on b.tld, it returns just fine. Both the .cfm and the .aspx are returning a single json name value pair (really just some text).


      Now, this is interesting, when I switch the POST to a GET, the .cfm works just fine. So, to summarize:


      1. ajax POST to aspx works fine.

      2. ajax POST to cf gives 500 error.

      3. ajax GET to cf is fine.


      So, this appears that IIS is blocking ColdFusion from getting the cross domain ajax call or that ColdFusion does not have permission to act on the POST. Does anyone know what might be causing this issue?