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    Cold Fusion Communication


      Can Cold Fusion communicate with Perl/CGI or is any other way to do dso.

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          Adam Cameron. Level 5

          Sure... what do you need to do?  CF can make HTTP requests, or consume web services; similarly it can also expose web services, and obviously one can make HTTP requests for CF resources.


          It's difficult to answer your question without having an idea of what you need to do, though.




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            divprad Level 1

            The thing I wanted is that I am developing a reuse reposiotry using SVN with front end as Cold fusion and back end as oracle 9i to store details.I need cold fusion to communicate to perl/Cgi which in turn will be interacting with SVN to retrieve the components from SVN.


            Another question I would like to ask is I am facing problems with cfexecute tag I am specifying the correct path name for the application file to be executed but it raises an java.io.IO .exception Create Process erro what do I do??

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              Adam Cameron. Level 5

              OK, so are these PERL scripts being server by a web server, or are they just shell scripts?  If there's a URL that you can hit to run the script, then CF can make an HTTP request to the URL.  If they're just shell scripts, I guess... <cfexecute> should be able to work.  I've never used <cfexecute> for anything other than investigating how <cfexecute> works, so am quickly going to get out of my depth there.


              Given SVN can be configured to run via HTTP, can you not just do both the SVN and DB interaction just with CF and dispense with the PERL? I suppose it depends on how much existing work has gone into the PERL stuff.


              You're raised your <cfexecute> question on a different thread, and I've prompted you for more info there.  I recommend you remove that part of your question on this thread.