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    Feature Request: FTP Local/Remote TimeStamp Synchronization

    areohbee Level 6

      Some FTP servers are now supporting the ability to set the remote timestamp to the exact same value as the local source file. This is very helpful for knowing if a remote file is up to date. For servers that do not support this, the option to set the local file timestamp to that of the remote file accomplishes a similar objective. I request LrFtp support these options.


      Presently I use a remote-clock-calibration scheme whereby I create a local file, put it to the remote host, then get it back and compare the timestamp to the local file, saving the difference to apply to remote files in the future in order to determine if they are out of date. On the up side, this factors out time zone differences. On the down side, it may not be accurate if one host changes its clock for daylight savings and the other does not since the last update, or if there is some other form of drift between ftp sessions. Even in the best case scenario it is generally only accurate to about a half minute or so. I include a fudge factor to compensate for small differences - still it is possible for an up to date remote file to appear out of date or for a changed local file to not seem changed compared to its remote counterpart.


      A better solution is to lock the remote and local timestamps down to the second, so there is no question - if the timestamp is bigger then its newer, period.