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    PRE8 changes 'date modified' on video files


      I have both PSE7 (Photoshop Elements 7) and PRE7 (Premiere Elements 7) installed on my computer.  I use PSE7 to organize my photos (about 20,000) and videos (about 4,000).  Organizing photos in PRE7 is fairly simple, because it uses the 'exif' data in the files to sort them by date/time taken.  However, organizing videos in PRE7 is more difficult, because it uses the 'date modified' attribute of the file to sort them by date/time.  The result is that all of my videos in the PRE7 organizer appear to be taken at dates and times completely different than the actual date/time they were taken.  By default they appear to be taken on the date they were 'modified', which is usually they date they were imported onto my hard drive (regardless of what date they were actually taken.)  Fortunately, my camcorder names the files according to the time they were taken.  So, I had to find third-party software that would take the information from the file names and use that information to alter the 'date modified' attribute.  That was a gargantuan task with over 4,000 files.  That leads to the primary reason for this posting...


      I recently installed the trial version of PRE8 (Premiere Elements 8) in order to try it out.  I created a 'test' project and inserted several video clips onto the timeline.  Later, I noticed that something had changed with all the files that had been used on the PRE8 timeline.  The 'date modified' attribute for all these files had been changed to the current date.  On one level this makes sense.  I assume that PRE8 did some analysis (or other function) to the files, resulting in their 'date modified' attribute changing.  However, on another level this is a colossal problem!  As described above, PRE7 uses the 'date modified' attribute for sorting video files by date/time.  Now, all of those files that have been altered by PRE8 will appear out of chronological order in PRE7 organizer.  (The problem doesn't actually show up immediately, but it does appear as soon as I refresh thumbnails within PRE7.)


      I can solve my immediate problem by tracking down all the files altered by PRE8 and using third-party software to change their 'modified date' back to the date it is supposed to be.  That will be enough of a nuisance.  However, this seems to be a major problem with PRE8, which would render it useless for me.  From a few other posts I've scanned, it looks like the problem could be solved by turning of the "Auto Analyze" feature in PRE8.


      My questions are:


      1) Would turning of "Auto Analyze" in PRE8 solve the problem?


      2) Even if turning of "Auto Analyze" solves the problem, is it justified for me to feel that this is a monumental flaw in PRE8 that would cause me to 'fear' using it on my computer?  What I mean by that is, the engineers of the software would have to realize that Photoshop Elements uses the 'date modified' attribute for organizing video files.  If they created PRE8 in such a way that it alters this attribute, thus creating chaos for how the files are organized in the Photoshop Elements organizer, then I fear that PRE8 is liable to cause other problems and ruin the painstaking work I have already done to adjust the 'date modified' attribute on all of my video files in order to have them organized correctly in Photoshop Elements.


      Message was edited by: Danny_DeLoach I realized after making this post that it conveys a lot angst.  Just after posting the question, I also read Steve Grisetti's explanation of the type of information that is needed in posts.  I appreciate all those who give their time and effort to help others in this forum.  I don't want to come across as 'bashing' PRE.  The basic premise of my question is: PSE uses the 'date modified' attribute of video files to organize those files; PRE8 appears to alter that attribute; is this the conundrum that it seems to be?

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          nealeh Level 5

          Not a solution but a naming strategy. Can your third party batch renaming software prepend information into the file name itself?


          If so you could prepend your shooting date to the filename (yyyymmdd-clip-name.avi for example).


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            I'm having a similar problem with PE8 changing my date modified attribute on my media. I've turned off the auto-analyze but "date modified" always gets changed when I import onto a project timeline. The only time it doesn't change is if I change a media file's properties to the "read-only" attribute before I import it onto the timeline.


            The "date modified" is changed on both video and jpeg files. I haven't been able to solve this yet. I have a longer post on the elementsvillage forum titled "premiere elements 8 changing original file!?http://www.elementsvillage.com/forums/showthread.php?t=55318


            Does anyone have any ideas on how to prevent PE8 from changing the "date modified" attribute?

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              Danny_DeLoach Level 1

              Thanks, jdboe26, for your additional input. I read the entire discussion you linked to on Elements Village.  Unfortunately, it appears that discussion was somewhat muddled by the initial rabbit trail of thinking that the problems you experienced were related to the pecularities of the .mov file you first used.  In the end, it sounds like there were some specific aspects of that file type that caused problems.  However, the fundamental issue of PRE8 changing the 'date modified' attribute of files is still un-resolved.  In the situation I have described above, I used very 'plain' AVI files.  (Actually, the files I used were produced by using ATR's suggested method of using Sreamclip to produce good AVI files for PRE http://forums.adobe.com/message/2219365).


              Here is the bottom line of what I see: PRE8 alters the 'date modified' attribuate of video files that are added to the timeline.  This modification causes them to be out of chronological order in the Photoshop Elements organizer.  As a result PRE8 is un-usable for me.


              I guess what would help me would be to hear from someone who uses PRE8 who can say, "When I add video files to the timeline on PRE8, the 'date modified' attribute of those files are not changed".  If someone can then show me how to prevent PRE8 from changing the 'date modified' attribute of videos on my computer, I would reconsider purchasing and using PRE8.  Until then, I'm going to stay away from PRE8 and encourage others to as well.

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                jdboe26 Level 1

                You mentioned in your posts that you were talking about video files having the "date modified" changed. I'm curious if you experienced the same thing with jpegs or not. I found that it occurred on both types of media but it would be very interesting if yours only happened with videos but not photographs.



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                  Danny_DeLoach Level 1

                  The files I put on the timeline were all .avi video files, except for two .jpg photos.  PRE8 changed the 'date modified' attribute on all of the files (including the .jpg files).  The 'date modified' attribute for all of these files was changed to the date in which they were placed on the PRE8 timeline.

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                    nealeh Level 5

                    Note that in PSE7 you can write organiser information into the photo's metadata. I don't know how (or even if) you can do this with video.




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