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    Sites (in manage sites) missing AND folder unreadable?


      All right, so I finally had the dreaded disappearance of all my sites in the "Manage Sites" section of Dreamweaver (CS4/Mac). I've read the notices and see now that it's a bug that's never going to be fixed . . . and, of course, I didn't back up the .ste file 'cause I just didn't see it coming.


      That said, I went to start redoing the sites and started by opening the "Files/Assets" window in DW . . . then ran into a strange problem.

      All our web sites are stored in the "WEB SITES" folder in the "GRAPHICS" folder on our "BIG HARD DRIVE."


      However, when I went to open up some pages in our stored sites, the "GRAPHICS" folder, in the Dreamweaver menu, doesn't show up as a Folder . . it's shows up as a 0k file.  I can go to "file open" and navigate to the GRAPHICS folder, no problem . . .and all the files are there and open up. However, I can't access it through the manage sites part of the "files" window.


      Is this making sense?  I've attached a screen capture . . .


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.