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    Premiere Elements 7 is astonishingly slow


      I have a fairly new computer and a fairly simple task; yet things are just amazingly slow.  More details:


      My computer: HP HDX laptop, running Windows 7 (64-bit), bought in summer '09.  For what it's worth, the system was Windows Vista when Premeire Elements was installed, but I upgrade to Windows 7 afterwards.  Processor is an Intel Core2 Duo P7450 2.13 Ghz; 4 GB of memory.  Video adapter is NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT.  288 GB hard drive, with 210 GB free.  Virtual memory paging file is 4063 MB.  When I bought the machine last summer, I got the Adobe Premiere Elements 7/Photoshop Elements 7 bundle.  (As an aside, does that give me any special upgrade deal for moving to version 8?)


      My task:  I recorded a short video (1 min 42 sec, I think) on a Samsung digital camcorder, which produced a .MP4 file which I uploaded to my computer.  (This is the first time I've ever tried this, BTW.)  I wanted to snip off the last 3 or so seconds, and end up with a file I could upload to YouTube. 


      The problem:  Importing the file and placing the clip on the sceneline was easy.  But from that point forward, every video-related action was painfully slow.  Placing the time cursor at a point and hitting "play" wouldn't react for about 30 seconds -- it was obviously very difficult to see exactly where I was placing the Out point handle. And then when I hit Share -> Personal Computer -> MPEG output (NTSC DVD Standard), the rendering took about an hour. The expected time remaining counter was at about 20 minutes almost the entire time, oddly enough.  (Which still seems kind of long for a 1 min 39 sec video with such simple editing.)


      I did make sure that as much on the computer as possible was closed -- no other applications running, most of the taskbar notifiers exited, etc.


      So, is there something I'm missing?  Is my computer really too slow to handle this?  Is there some setting I should check?