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    Make Movie Quits During Render - Help

    Thongrrrl14 Level 1

      I am trying to render a larger animation (42 seconds, 1920 X 1080) with several nested comps in it.


      The render slows slow when about ten seconds worth of animation has been rendered, and eventually quits.


      Is it because I am using a Mac Mini with the 1 GB of installed RAM?


      Short of upgrading the RAM, what can I do to get this animation rendered? Shoud I render the nested comps into videos, and replace the nested comps with the videos?


      (Yes, I can get the RAM upgraded, but it may take a few days, and I need to get this rendered a lot sooner.)

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          How are you even able to work on such a machine? Indeed upping the RAM would be recommended. Pre-rendering some stuff might help, but depending on what effects you use in your pre-comps then again it might not. The overall number of comps and layers has very little effect on rendering performance (in 2D without any fancies, that is), but effects do. Hard to tell. if nothing else works, you might do better finding a friend/ colleague wit ha beefier machine who can render it for you...



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            mksalva Level 1

            It looks like pre-rendering some of the nested comps (including one huge mammajamma) did the trick.


            I have been doing standard definition for some time without any problems, but a new client asked for everything in HD 1920 x 1080. And that is probably going to come up more and more.


            So what is the best way to beef up a Mac Mini (purchasedabout 18 months ago) for AE projects like this? Lots and lots of RAM?


            Thanks for your help!