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    Premiere Pro CS3 crashes when trying to load my projects.




      All help is appreciated! I'm going nuts after searching for days through forums for solutions.


      The problem started when I was working on a project. I realised that the HD Quality footage I was editing with wasn't converted properly so i downloaded a new program that would help convert to a higher quality. With the program came the "K-Lite Codec Pack". I decided it couldn't hurt so i installed it. After doing so, everytime i opened Premiere it would crash after i tried to load any project. I tried re-installing Premiere, detecting broken codecs, uninstalling the K-Lite Codec Pack and have no luck. Briefly after re-installing Premiere it strangely worked a couple of times but then somehow it's up to it old tricks and crashing on load. Does it have anything to do with the "Main Concept" codecs missing? I also tried getting the ad2ac3dec.dll and putting it in the folder but it has done nothing. I even went back to Premiere CS2 but same issue!


      I have a lot of time invested in these projects so any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated.