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    search for text in PDF by VBA with only Adobe Reader installed


      My problem is widely known and frequenty posted, for instance:
      "Can anyone help me to open and search for a specific text string in a PDF document, return a true or false indicator (and nothing else)?"

      The answers mostly refer to and include
        Set gApp = CreateObject("AcroExch.App")

      which, as I understand, works only with a certain level of Adobe Acrobat being installed.

      My question now:
      I want to give this type of functionality (via an MSAccess Form, i.e. populate a ComboBox with PDF filenames which answer YES to certain text occurences)  to - say 20 - users in my company who have Adobe Reader 9.1 installed and not more.

      Bying this number of Adobe Acrobat licenses for just this purpose would be a heavy overkill which I just can't afford.

      Any suggestions? many thanks in advance.