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    After Effects 7.0 Installation (Windows)



      Windows Vista Enterprise (32-bit) SP2, 4Gb RAM


      Software version:

      Adobe Creative Suite Production Studio Premium


      Hi all,


      I've previously installed Premiere Pro 2.0 (part of the above suite) and have been using it successfully for some time.  Now I need to install After Effects 7.0 (also part of the suite) but I'm encountering some difficulties.


      The main installer for the suite as a whole located in:

         [CD Drive]:\Adobe Production Studio\Setup.exe

      hangs with a typical Vista "Suite Installer stopped working" message.  I've tried running it in compatibility mode and copying the files to my local HDD, neither of which worked.  I have full administrator rights on my machine.


      Upon trying to install After Effects by itself:

         [CD Drive]:\Adobe Production Studio\Adobe After Effects 7.0\Setup.exe

      I consistently end up getting "After Effects Render Engine" instead, which isn't what I require.  I need the full-blown After Effects application, not the Render Engine.


      A quick search of the Knowledge Base turned up an article that outlined my exact problem and its resolution, but unfortunately this article is for the Mac version of the software:


      There is no Windows version of this article (that I've been able to find.)


      On the Windows version, as soon as I launch the After Effects setup application and select my language I get a series of prompts headed "Adobe After Effects Render Engine - Setup" which take me through the installation process.  There is no option to customize anything except the installation folder.


      Does anyone know how I can force the installer to install full-blown "After Effects", rather than the "After Effects Render Engine"?  Is there a command-line switch or something I can append to the setup.exe command?


      If you need any more information about my setup, I'll be glad to supply it.


      Hope you can help.

      Thanks in advance.