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    Trouble saving fillable form


      Hi All,


      I have a fillable PDF form that some of my users are having problems with. I didn't create the form I'm just the person that the users complain at when it doesn't work....


      Anyway, mostly the complaints have been from people with Adobe Reader 6 or 7 who do not have a save button and asking them to upgrade to Reader 9 has allowed them to save their entries on the form.


      However I now have a new problem. One of my users is on a Mac and has downloaded the Adobe Reader 9. She is able to fill in the form and to save it. But if she closes the form and then opens it again the form is blank (and therefore it's also blank when she sends it to us.)


      I know that this happens with the Mac software called Preview so I've asked her to check that she is definitely opening the form in Adobe Reader. But just in case this is not the problem, can anyone tell me why her entries on the form might not be saved?