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    importing .SWF into .FLA

    icecappacino Level 1

      I have been given some .SWFs  to use in a flash project of mines. I remember being able to import this as  movieclip with the animation staying intact. I'm using Flash CS3 and in trying to import the .swf the animation seems to have been stripped. How can you import a .swf into your FLA projects?    

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          Harry Kunz Level 4

          Create a movieclip that will serve as the animation container then while inside the movieclip choose File -> Import -> Import to Stage. The SWF's animation will be imported as a frame-by-frame animation. Take note that only FLA animations appearing on the main timeline will be imported as frame-by-frame animation. Animation that appears inside a child timeline of a movieclip will get discarded. This is what probably caused the problem you are seeing.

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            icecappacino Level 1

            I was just reasearching this. Apparantly the SWF was also made via Swish...

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Chances are you need to dynamically load the swf's when the file is running instead of importing them into the stage/library.  When you import swf files they are stripped of all actionscript.

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                bingandham Level 1

                That is my issue. I have an animated logo and I have many instances of the same symbol that play outside the main timeline, that are not playing when I try to import the SWF as mentioned above. Is there a way to export the movie so that you can in a sense have all the animation be in the scene? Does that make sense?