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    Digital Signature filteration (eg: cn=TEST) Javascript code

    Mahesh Pillay Level 1



      Thanks in advance....


      Please find the details below :


      1. When you open the PDF you will see a button. OnClicking the button the signature window displays, this window is same as the window which appears on clicking the signature field.


      2. When you open this document in the Livecycle Designer you will see a JavaScript code written in the button. This code generates the window and displays all the signature deployed in the machine.


      Requirement : I need to put a filter on this button, when the user clicks the button it should only displays those signatures which belongs to the particular group/profile.
      Eg: cn=TEST. In this scenario it should display only those signature belonging to the TEST group/profile after clicking the button.

      Basically i want to restrict only a particular group/profile to sign the document. Let me know how can i achieve this functionality..


      I have attached the pdf for your reference.



      Mahesh Pillay