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    Spry Menu Bar showing CURRENT page!

    c14agi Level 1

      Hi there everybody, I'm new here and need a little help with following problem:


      I created a site and used the SpryMenuBar (NO SUBMENUS) as main navigation. Everything works just fine but there is one thing I want the menu to do also.

      Let's say my buttons are 1,2,3 and are linked to pages 1,2,3. Now, what I want them to do is, when I'm on page 1, I want button 1 to be "highlighted" (just like the roll over state). And the same thing of course when I open site 2 with button 2 and so on...


      I tried to solve this with the "a#...:visited" in CSS, but that was certainly not the right way.


      If there is a solution for this (like maybe in JS) please try to explain it to me, as you'd explain it to a 5 year old. I'm an absolute newbie in JS.


      P.S. Here is a link I found in the Adobe Spry:Community site, of a site that does exactly what I'm looking for http://www.hotels.nl/