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    I have made a Flash gallery that works in DW but not in browsers


      Hi, I am fairly new to Flash and Dreamweaver and have encountered a problem with my CS4 Dreamwever and Flash. I have made two galleries in flash of 30-40 stills that change after 2 seconds in time line. I saved these and exported to DW as .swf files.

      Having placed them into my web page in DW and viewing the page locally in both Safari (yes I'am a Mac user) and Firefox they work fine, so I have uploaded the whole schbang to the remote server. When viewing the pages in Safari or Firefox they do not view at all, I get either a blank field in the page where the Flash should be or a message from adobe saying I need to update to a newer version of flash player, depending on which browser I'm using. I have followed the download link and installed the new player but it still comes up the same. Is this somthing I'm doing wrong or a problem with CS4, The CS3 I trained on seemed to be able to do this ok?

      All help greatfully received, Thanks