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    creating an interactive cd.

      I am new to Director, having recently purchased Director MX. I am creating an interactive CD.
      A few questions:

      1. Will users need Shockwave to play the cd on their computer?

      2. To install on a cd, do I export or publish (I'm assuming publish is strictly for the web)?

      3. My version states it was created on 9/4/04. I am on a Mac (non-Intel based). Are there updates that I should download?

      I've read the manual and looked for it in the help menu, but couldn't find an answer to #1, or #2.

      Thanks in advance for the help!
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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          1) You can create a "projector", a stand-alone application which can run from the CD-ROM. Your end-users do not need to have Shockwave installed.

          2) In Director MX, you select File | Create Projector... In Director MX 2004, you need to take two steps. Select File | Publish Settings... At the Formats tab, ensure that Macintosh Projector is checked and that the Shockwave File and HTML are not selected.

          3) It is not clear whether you have Director MX or Director MX 2004. In the Message window, type...
          put version

          If the output is "10.0", then you can download version "10.1" from http://www.adobe.com/go/trydirector. You should be able to use the same serial number. You may also want to download and manually install the Flash 8 xtra from http://www.adobe.com/support/director/downloads.html#mx20041011. This requires a manual installation.

          If the output of "put version" is -- "9.0" then you will have the latest version of Director MX
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            1jayjay2 Level 1

            thanks for your reply. very informative and clear.

            I have version 10.1 (MX2004)

            As to the cd installing question: Your instructions worked perfectly, but it raised some more questions.
            A .dir file and a .osx file are created. Do I need to put both onto the cd or just the .osx file?
            If I select both the Mac Projector and Windows Projector, will it be able to play both systems?

            One probelm I experienced is that the ".osx" file that's created won't close when I try to quit it. I have to do a "force quit."

            Is there a way to do a quick start on a cd, where the main screen of the movie opens after the cd is inserted - like a dvd does?

            Thanks for all your help. I hope I wasn't suppose start a new thread for the new questions.

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              Level 7
              1jayjay2 wrote:

              > openspark-
              > Thanks for all your help. I hope I wasn't suppose start a new thread for the
              > new questions.

              Hi Jay,

              First, welcome to the wonderful world of Director. You have found the best program
              ever invented, so I should say congratulations too:)

              The forums are a great way to get help. If you're continuing a line of questions
              that follow from an initial post, it is fine to keep them on the same thread. You
              can change the thread if the topic of your questions changes significantly.

              To help with your Director learning, look at my tutorial page at:

              I have a technote on creating a projector at:

              Now that you have version 10.1, look at Adobe's site, go to the downloads section,
              and you'll find a 10.1.1 update. After that, you'll have all the latest components
              to Director.

              With Director MX 2004, you can create projectors for
              Mac Classic
              Mac OSX

              So, depending on the platform, you'd include the necessary files. Look at my stub
              projector tutorial which explains how you have a single platform specific
              projector but shared Director files that contain your content.

              Windows projectors will allow you to run the application on Windows. OSX ones allow
              you to run the application on OSX. While you can build multiple platform projectors
              from a single computer, it is a good idea to test on the other platform. I still
              think it is better to build a Mac projector on a Mac because transferring files
              from Windows to a Mac can cause problems(because of the way the platforms read
              files). Moving from a Mac to Windows does not have the same problem.

              On OSX, you can't create an autostart CD. On Windows, you can create an autorun.inf
              file. Read my FAQ on this at:

              Hope that info is clear and that I haven't given too much and so confused you more.
              if you'd like me to elaborate on anything, let me know.


              Director Lecturer / Consultant / Director Enthusiast
              email: d.utian@unsw.edu.au

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                1jayjay2 Level 1

                Thanks for all the info, very clear, not confusing. I'll check out your tutorials. I'm glad to hear about the autostart feature. I had found an earlier post
                here that said it wasn't possible. I appreciate your offer to elaborate on these topics.

                Also, the ".osx" file that's created won't close when I try to quit it. I have to do a "force quit." Is this a bug?