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    Urgent - HTML help merged projects - displaying in the same window

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      Hi All,

      Following some recent windows updates I'm experiencing all sorts of problems. My most urgent problems is as follows:


      First off this is all in RH8 and yes I have upgraded to 8.0.2 and project is set to re-build cpd each time.


      So I have a merges project as follows:


      Parent project

           child project 1

           chils project 2 etc



      when I compile an html help project with TOC, and single source window settings on default if I click on a child project it is diaplyued in a separate window. If I then select a different project in the parent project TOC this is also displayed in a different window but the window still has the caption of the previously opened file.


      What I need as  the end result is for my HTML help project output to al display in the same window whether I click on a parent project item, or a child project item.


      Please can somebody advise mne how to do this as I am VERY close to a deadline and as usual it seems RH8 has let me down again.....



      Author Care