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    deleting a linked file


      Multiple people at my office have and use Dreamweaver 8. When I go to delete a file on the local site, I am prompted if there are links to it elsewhere in the site. However, other people at my office are not given the same prompt. I am sure it is some sort of preference in Dreamweaver that is selected on my version and not theirs but I can't seem to find it. Any tips? (Thanks in advance!)

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          mhollis55 Level 4

          This probably has something to do with the cache and where it is stored.


          Dreamweaver keeps and maintains a cache of your website's links for you so that you can update things, change things and move things around in a website. If your computer created the website in Dreamweaver, it certainly will have such a cache. If the site is merely copied without Dreamweaver's check in and check out function enabled, it may not have any cache on the other computers. Thus they won't be queried if they delete links, files and pages.