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    Motion JPEG AVI codec unsupported by Adobe Premiere Pro CS4?


      Hello everyone,

      First of all I must say English isn't my native language. Forgive me if I make any spelling mistakes or if I write inpolitely, it's not on intention.


      I have a couple of videos made with a camera. The videos have an .avi extension and have a Motion JPEG codec. I can watch them on my computer just fine with both Windows Media Player as Winamp or Quicktime. However, when I try to use them in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, the videos are stuck after a few frames (half a second), even though the sound continues fine. I'm completely sure this is Adobe Premiere Pro's problem, as they DO work fine in Adobe After Effects CS4. I've tried converting the videos to another codec, but no matter what settings I use there's always much quality loss.

      Does anyone know how to fix this problem in Premiere? I have read the following document: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/166/tn_16612.html but I don't understand it at all, I'm not used to working with the Propery Inspector or Lingo. If anyone could explain this document to me that would be fine too.


      Thank you in advance,