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    Image scrambled position with doctype transitional


      Good Mornig.

      I have made a site, using a Photoshop CS4 to get an table slicing page, then work in DWCS4.    In the top of the page, in first row we have include an swf, en second row two gif's with a link, in third row -split in two cols- we have included anhother swf and text from db.

      the problem is that usign a transitional doctype the upper swf some times show any place in the page but not a its position.  We fixed in css rule, and now the two gifts are playing around the page.  The problem gets worst, due that in a  IE8 / Vista the problem doesn't show but in IE8/xp  the problem shoews, but doesn't happend always.  


      any idea why this happen.


      Thaks for your help