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    Anyone with Windows CS3 Web Premium up for a Cross Platform switch?


      Hey all-


      I have read a lot of horror stories on here about people not being able to change their CS3 licenses cross-platform. Most of them saying that Adobe is forcing you up pay for the upgrade to CS4.


      I have CS3 Web Premium for Mac (which slowly died). I didn't have the cash to get another Mac so I built my own computer and installed Ubuntu. I am a Flash Developer so I use Photoshop/Illustrator/Flash/Flex a lot so I needed a solution to get those programs back and Gimp/Inkscape just aren't cutting it for me, so I bit the bullet and installed Windows 7.


      Now I need to find a way to get my Mac CS3 onto my Windows machine, so I'm wondering if anyone on here has the same problem, but in the reverse situation. (has Windows CS3 Web Premium and wants to switch over to Mac)


      Just so you know beforehand, my software was an educational purchase from Academic Superstore.