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    Win 7 Installation Fix for Illustrator & Dreamweaver CS3


      Hi All


      I upgraded my pc this week and it came with Win 7. After what appeared to be a successfull install of both Dreamweaver CS3 and Illustrator CS3, neither program would open. When clicking on the icon all i saw was the spinning circle and no welcome screen. In task manager it was displayed as running in the services window but not the applications


      After two days on the phone and on chat with Adobe, the very nice techs could not solve my problem. They sent it up to senior support to resolve the issue.


      While waiting for them to call back with a solution I discovered the fix myself.


      Apparently it was a licensing issue. I received no error message whatsoever until the Adobe tech had me disable all services in msconfig. When I did this I received a message stating that the "license had stopped working". When I tried to go on Adobe's site to research it further I had no Internet connection. By disabling all services the tech invariably had my Internet service disabled as well. It was at this point that he referred it to senior level support.


      You only have to disable the FlexNet licensing service. By doing this it will allow you to go onto the Internet and download the Adobe Licensing Repair Tool. http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/licensing.html After doing this I was finally able to open both programs successfully and enter my serial numbers.


      What was most confusing about this issue was that after installing the programs no error message was received. However by disabling the FlexNet licensing service in msconfig you will be able to determine if it is a licensing error; as it was in my case.


      I hope this helps anyone else who has had a similar problem.