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    CS3 - peak files being generated again - WHY?

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      hi all


      I have a Premiere CS3 project which I've been working on for a few weeks. I saved and closed the project at around 2.15pm today.


      Then just before 5pm I opened the project again, and it's insisting on confirming some of the audio files and generating peak files for the video files. This will take half an hour at leas, as there is several hours' worth of footage. Why is this happening? Nothing has been changed, no settings, absolutley nothing whatsoever since i last opened the project. Why does Premiere now think it has to re-conform all my audio?


      I tried opening an auto-save version of the project rather than the main project itself, but that did the same thing.


      Anyone know a reason why this has happened which does not involved hard drives being changed/swapped or files having been deleted?


      thks a lot



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          Andrey V Level 2

          It is possible that you have directed your media cache files some where and that directory is not accessible, Or the files were cleaned by some kind of  hard drive cleaning software.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I do not recall seeing any reports of this happening in CS3, but it has in CS4, in cases where nothing was changed. In most of the other cases, Scratch Disks were changed, the CFA's and PEK's were on an external, or on a networked HDD - the "usual suspects." In CS4, there seem to be some odd cases, where this has happened, with no good reason. Most of those Assets were muxed MPEG files. What are your Assets?


            Good luck,



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              I use soundForge sometimes along with CS3, and soundForge does generate peak files and gives the file an SFK extension...and if I delete that file it will generate a new one when it sees the sound file again....so I usually leave the file with the sound file so it doesn't keep regenerating a new one...


              I've never had CS3 do it but I haven't edited large clips yet....  only about 1 gig video files so far ..... so maybe it's different with larger files...


              But if your sound file is linked to a sound program that generates the peak file maybe that file needs to stay where it is so the sound program can find it again  --- and not regenerate a new one.



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                ECS_1 Level 1

                Unless my AVG virus programme radomly deleted the folder (which I doubt) then this is a Premiere problem.


                I opened another project this morning at 10.45am. I last worked on it on 31 January. It's a 45-minute documentary, so a big project.


                It's been open for over 2 hours now, and it's still generating peak files so I can't start work properly. As a freelancer, this kind of wasted time costs me.


                This kind of thinig is why serious TV people use Avid and FCP I'm afraid.

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  This only happens when people have corrupted their setup by their own actions. What these are is hard to tell without relevant details. People with AVID or FCP that corrupt their own installations are also the victim to this kind of behaviour. It is not unique to Adobe.

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                    ECS_1 Level 1

                    Harm, with the greatest respect to your knowledge and experience of Premiere, you are wrong in this case, and the fact that ultimately you have to invent excuses like that because you don't know what actually happened, says it all about the problems of Premiere and why, if I may say so, I am correct when I say it will not be taken seriously by the big guns until this kind of thing stops happening.

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                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                      If you seriously want help to solve this, we need way more details. It is not enough to say Adobe is crippled in your opinion, and AVID and FCP are way better. That statement does not help solving your problem. You may have seen this already, and if that is the case, sorry, but the details requested in these posts, both the first link (WIKI) and the second link, go a long way to help you solve this issue.


                      Some suggestions...

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                        ECS_1 Level 1

                        Well again, with respect, I am not sure how much more information I can provide. My original post makes it clear that last Monday at 2pm I saved the project, and then when I re-opened it at 5pm, having done absolutely nothing to change the settings in the intervening 3 hours, Premiere insisted on generating all the peak files again.


                        Even if I had changed the scratch disk (which I occasionally do but hadn't in this instance) then clearly it is not acceptable for Premiere to decide to delete all my peak files.  I had not used sound forge. The only explanation offered above that is feasible is that my virus programme unilaterally decided to removbe the peak files (which seems rather less likely to me, than this being a Premiere bug).


                        The project I opened again today is a separate project on the same external drive in the same folder, using some of the same files. I'd not worked on this one for a month but again it needed to generate all the files again and therefore it's not unreasonable to assume that the peak files for this project also disappeared last Monday. It's just a larger project which means more time lost.


                        The reason I come to the conclusions I do, is because it's quite clear that even on a forum frequented by helpful and knowledgable people like you, there is no answer to this problem.


                        I do not for a moment blame you for not knowing the answer, because I strongly suspect there is no specific answer, just as there is no answer as to why large Premiere projects tend to crash a lot.


                        I'm just not sure you should be assuming I must have caused this myself when you must know from all your experience just how unstable Premiere is and how many inexplicable problems it causes many thousands of users.


                        And it is not unreasonable for me to reach the conclusion, admittedly on a frustrating afternoon, that I wish I had edited this project in Avid, because I know it would not be crashing and wasting half a day of my time.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          One of the biggest problems with our little forum is that we all can only go from personal experiences, or from those of others. Exactly what is happening at a code level is not known to us. That is why we often will make comments like, "I've not encountered this behavior in version X," or similar. Most of us have very few problems with PrPro on our computers and with our Projects. In the cases, where something is beyond our experiences, we have to rely on problems that others report, and hope that someone here has been able to aid them. That is one great reason for posters to return and report:


                          "suggestion 1 did noting,"


                          "suggestion 2 worked fine."


                          That helps us learn what the solutions might be. Still, if we do not know the exact situations, we might still be at a loss as to why "suggestion 2" did the trick. We just make note that in one particular case, it worked.


                          Most issues with PrPro (and every other NLE) boil down to these factors and pretty much in this order:


                          1.) System

                          2.) Assets

                          3.) Project/Sequence

                          4.) OE

                          5.) Real Bugs in PrPro


                          Good luck, and please help us to help you,



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                            Harm Millaard Level 7



                            While I do not dispute your 5 points here, I think that numbers 1 to 3 are also OE. If you use an improperly configured system, use material intended to be watched and not edited, or set up your sequence to not exactly match your source material, I think that is all OE and avoidable with proper preparation and expertise.


                            To summarize your 5 bullets, you only end up with two: OE or a bug.

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                              Phil Griffith Level 2

                              I would go back and check your external drive and see if anything changed there. Did the drive letter change? Almost always, it goes back to the external drive, if one is using that. Make sure that you assign a static drive letter to it. Just because YOU are having a problem with your audio files, does not mean that it is a bug. CS3 has been out for quite a while and I think that something that major would be noticed long ago. There are the occasional people that report this , but almost always comes down to external drive letters change, or something else that gets changed or deleted either by intention or unintentional reasons.

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                                Phil Griffith Level 2

                                The reason I come to the conclusions I do, is because it's quite clear that even on a forum frequented by helpful and knowledgable people like you, there is no answer to this problem.



                                How did you come to the conclusion that there is no answer?

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                                  ECS_1 Level 1



                                  My drive is assigned the letter K and has been since I first plugged it in. I use a lot of extermal drives so always give them a fixed drive letter.


                                  As I said in the first message, these are all good suggestions and if I were first encountering this problem today on the project I had not opened since January 31st, I could not rule out all of the suggestions made. But this problem happened over a 2 hour period in which nothing on my computer changed, whatsoever.


                                  And in answer to your second question, I have come to the conclusion that there is no answer because I have not received a correct answer after a week. I am happy to be proved wrong and would like to find out how to make sure it doesn't happen again, although regardless of the explanation, it should not be happening.

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                                    Phil Griffith Level 2

                                    Ok, so your ext is assigned a letter. good. but there probably a good and (most often a simple) reason that you're not seeing. Have you done a search on pek files? How did you assign the files to go to your ext in the first place? These are all good questions, and if you had listened to Harm when he asked y ou to provide more details, I wouldn't have to keep asking you questions like this.

                                    My car wouldn't run right yesterday, so I blamed it on the make and model. Turns out it was bad gas I put in it.

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                                      ECS_1 Level 1

                                      Thanks, but the fact I keep trying to hammer home is that no settings changed over the 2 hour period when this happened. Before that, I had been working on the project every day for over a week, quite happily. I then closed Premiere, left the project for 2 hours, then opened it again and all of a sudden the PEK files and I think also the CFA files had gone.


                                      If the above were not the case, then there could be a thousand legitimate questions for me to answer about the make up of the project. But with the above circumstances, I don't think answering these questions is going to be hugely helpful. Regardless of the file settings, I can't see any explanation for why files can be deleted in a period when no settings have been changed.


                                      In answer to your questions, I searched high and low for the PEK files just before posting my initial message but they had all vanished. The files in the project are a combination of avi files captured in DVCAM from a Sony HVR-M25E deck straight to the project, other DV avi files were imported having previously been captured in other projects, imported music, picture and sound files, and a bunch of Sony EX1 video files.


                                      I guess what I wanted to know, was (1) does Premiere have a known track record for this, and (2) is there anything can be done to restore PEK files that it chooses to delete. I suspect the answer to those questions is (1) yes, but not a major track record, and (2) no.


                                      Apologies if I seem to be a litttle irate, it is partly anger with myself, I have 4 projects, three half-hours and one hour. I'm doing two on Premiere and two on Avid, and it was absolute folly of me to choose Premiere for the longest project.

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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                                        You make a good point, and I feel that it is valid. I try to break things down a bit, and focus on the things that should be addressed, and pretty much in a set order. To me, it's most important to find the cures, and one is likely to be more ready to address those without any blame. Obviously, one's setup is the responsibility of the user, or the builder, with reconfigs. by the user, to get things functioning properly. Your continued articles on proper computer configuration and optimization are great for this. I strongly feel that most people, having issues with any NLE would be best directed to follow your advice as the first thing to do, even before choosing and installing an NLE. So many issues will likely never exist in the first place.


                                        Many also have no concept of how important the Assets and the interface with the Project/Sequence are. Were I writing a manual for PrPro, I'd have the first chapter dedicated to the system, with the Assets and the Project/Sequence being the next two. It would not be until chapter four, before I'd even introduce the interface to the user. Unfortunately, most manuals (when they had them), articles and tutorials start with the interface, and the system is an after thought with "minimal requirements," which we all know only will allow one to install the program, and possibly launch it - no editing allowed!


                                        There is mention of Assets, and some basics on Project Presets, but their strong inter-relationship is usually not covered, or covered as well, as should be done.


                                        Yes, they could all be grouped under OE, but I chose to break them out. Curt Wrigley does a good job of pointing out the basics and the necessity of getting those correct, in his Classroom in a Book for Adobe Premiere CS4. The only thing that I might add would be a strongly worded Preface with "Must Read First," that covers the System. However, that is not really in the scope of the book. It is instead left for the user to come here, and to other sites, to find out what is really required. Assumptions are made that if one has purchased PrPro, they already have a competent workstation, and it is set up for NLE work.


                                        In the PrElements forum, we see so many users, who have come close to the "minimum system requirements," and cannot believe that they cannot edit a 4 hour long AVCHD opus. Those users are astounded, when we point out "system recommendations," especially if we link to your articles - they had no idea of what is really required.


                                        Just thinking here,



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                                          ECS_1 Level 1

                                          A couple of hours after it finished generating all the peak files on the longer project, it's now started generating them all again!! Seems to be starting with the avi files specifically captured for this project.


                                          Oh well I will leave it do it overnight so I don't lose any more working hours.


                                          This didn't happen on the other project, the one I was talking about when I first posted. Once it generated the peak files again, that was that - I've just re-opened that project, half expecting them to be generated again, but it seems fine.

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                                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                                            Up-thread, you mentioned that the CFA's and PEK's had disappeared. Please let us know if they do so again, with this Conforming operation.


                                            PrPro does not routinely Delete files, so that part is highly troublesome.


                                            Also, what is the connection to your external HDD? Going back many years, I tried to edit to/from USB 2.0 externals, and met with all sorts of issues. Most of these were with Delayed Write Failures, but there were plenty of general Read/Write issues. I was not alone, as the various fora were filled with the exact same, or very similar, issues. Those, coupled with the speed issue directed me away from using USB's for anything but archival storage.


                                            Now, I have had zero problems with FW-800's, knocking on wood, as I type.


                                            You might want to take a look at Event Viewer, in both the System and the Applications tabs, and see if there are any error, or warning messages. Some will just be useless code, but some might have links to either a mfgr's Web site, or to a MS KB article or two. Pay special attention to anything I/O related, like the Delayed Write Failure, or any sort of Read, or Write issue.


                                            One other thought - do you have Windows Indexing turned ON? I have seen it lock large files, while it tries to index them. It cannot get any useful info from the AV files, or the PrPro working files, but will try, and try, keeping the files locked, so that PrPro cannot access them. I recommend turning this OFF. I have it OFF for ALL HDD's, but some do keep it going for say their My Documents folder. It can gather useful data there, but I keep it far, far away from anything related to Photoshop, Encore and PrPro.


                                            Just thinking again,