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    Table style alignment ignored?


      TCS 2.0, linking FrameMaker 9 (unstructured) files to RH8.


      My FrameMaker files have several one-cell right-aligned tables. I mapped all the tables to a table style called "Product" in RoboHelp.


      The table properties in style mapping are set to be right-aligned for this table. However, the table continues to display as left-aligned in the preview and the output.

      I am not very knowledgeable about css but decided to edit the css for this table to specify right-aligned.

      Here is my css entry for this table style:



      table.Product {
              align: right;
              font-size: 10pt;
              text-align: right;     




      The table is still left-aligned.


      Looking at the HTML view for the table, there is this line:


      <?rh-align_start align="left" ?>


      When I manually change "left" to "right," my table is right aligned and looks the way I want.  This rh-align_start property seems to be something that is not in the css or is overriding the css.


      I can also right-click on the table and select right-aligned from the table properties, which accomplishes the same thing. However, I have thousands of these tables and need an automated solution.


      Is this a RH bug? How can I make this table style right-aligned?