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    Linking to a new page automaticly once FLV video finished playing.


      I know, a newbe question from a newbe user. But last night I figured out everything else needed to create a working portfolio presentation for online and handout perposes. The script, where to place it, and what to type are all that's impeeding my progress now.


      Basicly, I have rendered a FLV movie file that dramticly opens my website. It fills the full space frame, and I can't appear to place AP Div objects on top of movie files. The most cinimatic method would be for the intoduction "index" web page to automaticly link to the "Description" web page. So it opens the website dramaticly with my movie file, then meshes with the information based sections without the user clicking anything. (I've already set the movie to auto play once the site boots up.


      I've read online that the event editor is able to make this happen. But I don't know enough HTML to understand anything but the most rudimentory aspects of it. I can recognize file paths and basic synex, but am not sure what text to use for this task or exactly where to put it. Some help would be apreciated. Becasue if I can crack this, I've figured out everything else nessisary for my pressentation. Thanks