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    File download from java server to flex client


      Does anyone know any examples?

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          P.o.l.a.c.o Level 1

          I used something similar to this code to handle the download of a dinamically generated pdf file.




          public class Downloader
                  private var service:HTTPService = null;
                  private var urlLoader:URLLoader = null;       
                  public function Downloader()
                      service = //an HTTP Service pointing to your app;
                      urlLoader = new URLLoader();
                     urlLoader.dataFormat = URLLoaderDataFormat.BINARY;

                    //sends the file download request.
                  public function getFile():void{
                      var variables:URLVariables = new URLVariables();
                     //add your params to the variables

                    //variables.XXX = SSS;
                      var req:URLRequest = new URLRequest(service.url);
                      req.method = URLRequestMethod.POST;
                      req.data = variables;
                      urlLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onResult);


                      urlLoader.addEventListener(Event.OPEN, onOpen);


                      urlLoader.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.PROGRESS, onProgress);


                      urlLoader.addEventListener(SecurityErrorEvent.SECURITY_ERROR, onFault);
                      urlLoader.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, onFault);
                  private function onOpen(event:Event):void{
                      //handle the download start
                  private function onProgress(event:ProgressEvent):void{
                      //handle the progress
                  public function onResult(event:Event):void{
                      //handle the complete
                      var aPDFFile:Object = urlLoader.data;
                      var fr:FileReference = new FileReference();
                      fr.save(data.pdfCatalog, "thefileName.extension");
                  public function onFault(event:Event):void{
                      //handle the fault.





          Java side:


          ByteArrayOutputStream baos = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
          //add the dynamically generated file data to the ByteArrayOutputstream

          byte[] ba = baos.toByteArray();
          OutputStream os = response.getPortletOutputStream();




          hope it helps.

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            ahobbsy10 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply but i am having trouble understanding your java code could you post the whole thing please?

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              P.o.l.a.c.o Level 1

              Sorry I included a demo that I was using for a portlet here is a quick example that uses a servlet:

              (I have done this code with the forums editor so it could have some errors)


              Java side:



              private void streamBinaryData(HttpServletResponse resp)
                      String ErrorStr = null;

                      ServletOutputStream servletOutputStream = null;

                        BufferedInputStream bis = null;
                        //we will read the bytes of the file here
              ByteArrayOutputStream bos = null;         
                            //Suppousing you want to send a pdf file that is on filesystem..
                            File file = new File("THE PATH TO YOUR FILE");
                            InputStream in =
              bis = new BufferedInputStream(in);
                            bos = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
                            byte[] buff = new byte[1024];
                            int bytesRead;
                            // Simple read/write loop.
                            while(-1 != (bytesRead = bis.read(buff, 0, buff.length))) {
                              bos.write(buff, 0, bytesRead);
              byte[] bytes = bos.toByteArray();
                            //suppousing you are returning a pdf..
                            servletOutputStream = resp.getOutputStream();
                            servletOutputStream.write(bytes, 0, bytes.length);

                        } catch (Exception e) {
                              ErrorStr = "Error Streaming the Data";
                        } finally {
              servletOutputStream != null ) {

                              if( bis != null ) {

                              if( bos != null ) {





              Hope this be of better help.


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                I upload image file to database using java and flex.Now i want to display the image in flex RIA  from database.How can i do that?

                Please Help

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                  P.o.l.a.c.o Level 1

                  I guess you could take a look at this example about how to build an image from an array of bytes.




                  hope this helps,

                  (and if it solved it mark it as such)


                  kind regards.



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                    P.o.l.a.c.o,  can you show the part FileReference.download(url, name) in flex code, to download file that you get from java server? and where should data.pdfCatalog below come from?


                    var fr:FileReference = new FileReference();
                    fr.save(data.pdfCatalog, "thefileName.extension");



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                      P.o.l.a.c.o Level 1

                      Hi Edwin,


                      As you may notice this thread is quite old, I think would be kind difficult to find the file since I no longer work for the company I did the project and also because the pc where I got some tests is out of order. Anyway I will search for it on my mails when I have some time and let you know if I find something.