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    Dreamweaver CS4 (Mac OS X) window disappears from desktop


      this is actually not a Dreamweaver-specific problem, because it applies to all Adobe CS4 products. But it is most irritating with Dreamweaver, because users often need to look at Dreamweaver windows at the same time as other applications (such as a web browser)


      Since CS4 (and maybe also CS3) but not the older versions, opened Dreamweaver window(s) disappear from the desktop whenever another application is activated or selected.  This makes it extremely difficult to view both Dreamweaver code/windows, and any other application unless that other application's window is first positioned in such a way that you can see it, but don't need to click on it, then you click on the Dreamweaver application.


      This does not happen with any other non-Adobe application - the whole point of having large screens, multiple windows and multiple processors is to be able to do more at the same time.


      Even without explicitly leaving Dreamweaver, this is a problem, because, if I perform a file comparison between the local and remote file, the opendiff application will be launched; the Dreamweaver file window is still on the desktop for that time. But, the moment I close the opendiff window, all Dreamweaver windows disappear. I have to go to the dock and click on the icon to bring back the window.


      You can imagine how annoying and time consuming this is if you're performing a number of file comparisons, as I have to do often.

      I therefore prefer to use my old version which did not behave this way.


      I could not find any setting in preferences to change this behavior.  Is there a chance this will be fixed someday?