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    Screen Recording

    Top Branded Clothing Level 1

      Can anyone suggest screen recording software that can output a file in to Premeier CS3 and give me a top quality file for editing?
      I've tried Camtasia but the results are rubbish (fuzzy picture quality).
      I don't particularly want to learn a new package, I just want to record the screen, import the video in to Premiere and then edit the whole thing from there.
      What about the Adobe product Captivate?

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          The topmost 3 tutorials on this page:


          BDVS Tutorials


          were done in CS4 using Camtasia source footage and FLV encoding in Squeeze.


          Are they fuzzy to your eye?  I thought they turned out pretty good.



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            Top Branded Clothing Level 1

            No doubt.
            It's just that the last time I tried, the result was c**p!
            When I posted on here about it, I got an answer that told me to use VirtualDub and do a whole bunch of tricks that made flying off to Mars sound easy.

            Anyways, according to JB, record in Camtasia, output AVI, edit that in CS4 and render to whatever. No probs, right?
            PS Why do you use Squeeze for FLV and not A.M.E.?

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              Jeff Bellune Level 5

              Top Branded Clothing wrote:


              record in Camtasia, output AVI, edit that in CS4 and render to whatever. No probs, right?

              No problems, but attention to detail.  When you finish your screen capture in Camtasia, *do not* resize the captured video.  Produce at the recording dimensions.  I use AVI files with the TechSmith codec even in Pr.  The Pr sequence must exactly  match the frame size of your Camtasia footage. If you use screen grabs or other still images in your sequence, they will be placed in the center of the frame.  If the image(s) are smaller than the sequence frame size then check the Anchor Point location.  If it's on a half-pixel dimension, shift it up/down/left/right a half-pixel so that it's on a whole pixel position.

              Top Branded Clothing wrote:


              PS Why do you use Squeeze for FLV and not A.M.E.?

              The AME produces good results, but I have more control over the bit rate (and therefore the final file size) and other encoding parameters in Squeeze.



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                medeamajic Level 2

                You might want to try FRAPS at fraps.com. The native codec can be edit in Premiere Pro and it is only $37.00. You must use Windows Aero in order for it to capture the Windows desktop.

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                  I use 'My Screen Recorder' from http://www.deskshare.com/screen-recorder.aspx


                  There is no learning curve, I select the format I want and click 'start recording'.  The recording gives a clear picture in both the AVI and WMV recording format - I use the high motion/frame rate profile.  Both the AVI and WMV recordings it creates import easily into Premiere.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Not familiar with that product, but like other Deskshare programs. With the AVI, what are the specs. of those files from the program?


                    Personally, I'd shy away from WMV's, due to their structure and compression, but that is just me.


                    Thanks for the info,



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                      SFL46 Level 3

                      And now for the poor man's approach.


                      If your laptop has a S-video or composite video output, you can route the laptop to a camcorder and then capture via firewire (assuming the camcorder supports AV-D conversion)


                      Set everything up in clone mode--camcorder on in VCR mode but stopped-capture into PrPro by F5.  If your camcorder swalks about no tape, put a blank tape in.


                      You can only do this in DV.  The HDMI port typically has copy protect features that if it doesn't detect a HDCP enabled device will block the capture.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        You know, I never thought of doing it that way. I'm sure that someone must have mentioned that in the past, but it did not sink in, until your post. Now, I have to set things up and give it a test.


                        Thanks for the mention. I suggest the camera, with pass-through, for A-D work, if an A-D bridge is not available, but never thought of doing it the other way.



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                          akribie Level 2

                          In my experience, going via interlaced DV really does degrade detail - especially text.  Much better to stay in a lossless workflow until final compression.