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    RoboHelp Html 8 DITA indexterm




      I am trying to generate a RoboHelp project from a DITA map file. Most things do work fine, but I have not been able to figure out how to generate the RoboHelp index from the "indexterm" expressions in the DITA files.


      When I look at the original DITA xslt files, there is some basic treatment of the indexterm tags, but of course there is no notion of RoboHelp index files. Any hints how to best approach this problem?

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          friedj Level 1

          Well, here is my own answer (RoboHelp 8, Framemaker 9):


          In Framemaker/DITA add behind the title or shortdescription a prolog tag, thereafter metadata, keywords, indexterm.

          Add your indexterms.


          When moving to RoboHelp, these terms will be added to the RoboHelp index.


          When you want to create a Framemaker book you probably want to hide the metadata. This can be done making the prolog tags conditional.

          In Framemaker, go to menu DITA > DITA Options... and select "Conditionalize prolog on file open". You need to open and save each file once to have this option come into effect.


          When you go to create a Framemaker document, open your DITA map file and choose File > Save as... and choose "Composite Document 9.0 (*.fm)".

          Open the file just created and go to menu Special > Conditional Text > Show/Hide Conditional Text...

          In the respective tab select radio button option "Show as per Condition" and make sure, that the DITA-Prolog element appears on the list of "Hide" elements on the right.


          That's it, folks.