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    I just want my classes to compile.

      I'd just like to do something simple: compile a test class in AS3.0 (Flash CS3 on Mac OSX 10.4).
      Not having any luck, nor can I find any documentation. Hoping someone can help here. Here is what I have set up:

      - file structure: Inside a folder called "Notation" i have the files "editField.as" and "editFieldTest.fla"
      - class path: Points to the "Notation" folder
      - code in the "editField.as" file is:

      package Notation {
      import flash.display.MovieClip;
      public class editField extends MovieClip { //Compiler wanted me to extend MovieClip
      function editField() {
      trace( "editField.class" );

      - code in frame 1 of "editFieldTest.fla":
      import Notation.editField;
      var tf:editField = new editField();

      I've played with this a lot and the error messages vary. All I need is the correct way to set this up to get the class to compile.

      Mark Goodes
      Flash MX expert
      Flash 3.0 newbie