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    Gravenstein Level 2
      This might be just a coincidence, but I've noticed that after posting to the forum, I start receiving more spam email. This has happened over several cycles. I'd post and then see an uptick on the spam. Then I'd lay quiet for a while, and it would die down. Posting again would seem to restart the spam cycle.

      Has anyone else noticed this?

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          Catfish Tales Level 1
          Posting to this forum hasn't produced spam for me. I received only three pieces of spam in the past year. I know what triggered all three and it wasn't this forum.
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            Gravenstein Level 2
            Good! I fervently hope that the two events are totally unnconnected, because this forum is of immense value to me.

            And--no kidding--just as I was writing that, I saw a piece of spam come in!

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi G

              It's probably coincidental. However, I know that these forums are also available in a newsreader format. Maybe something is being harvested there? Not sure. Personally I'd be surprised if that were to happen. Adobe is pretty good at keeping private what should be.

              Anyhoo, how about a funny story? I deal with anywhere from 300-500 messages daily. I subscribe to about 16 different lists. So leave that to your imagination as to how many of those messages are spam. I was grousing about it one day and my wife overheard me. I must have said something like "woo hoo, click here and magickally make your sex life better". She retorts with "Well, if you didn't stay up late at night looking at porn sites, you probably wouldn't get all that garbage. And I'm like huh? No, you don't understand. She replies with "I never get any of that trash". Then she does something totally innocent. Signs up for something off the Food Network and WHAMMO! SHE starts getting the garbage. So I just had to tease her by saying, guess you have been looking at porn, hon! Then I said, see, all it takes is your address to make it on a single list that gets sold or harvested in some way.

              Cheers all... Rick
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                Gravenstein Level 2
                Food porn--that's the worst. Other than *that* it's tough to tell where the spam might be coming from.