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    quick question(s)

    hi-adobe Level 1

      bit of a noob at flash, so I've been having a bit of a difficulty in using the pencil/brush tool in drawing an animation.


      I set a keyframe, and paint a yellow stroke.  Then i continue onto the next key. I then go back to the first keyframe, and want to paint a black stroke over part of the yellow stroke i made earlier.


      after selecting this first frame (making the layer active), I go to change the stroke color of the brush to black but find that it now changes my yellow stroke (which I want to keep yellow) to black.  I see that in selecting the frame, by default whatever strokes were made on this frame are also selected (which I don't want).


      So I'd like to know how do I avoid altering my previous stroke and still put a different colored stroke overlapping it on the same frame?


      also is it possible to append a brush/pencil stroke to an old brush/pencil stroke?



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          click on an empty part of the stage to deselect the on-stage items or insert a new layer at the same frame.


          you can add to a previous stroke but, it will not look seamless unless you're very careful.  ie, magnify the stage quite a bit so you can accurately align the old stroke with the new one.

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            hi-adobe Level 1

            Thank you for the reply.


            The instant i select the frame, the stroke at that frame becomes selected.  So any color adjustments to the brush will result in that stroke being altered.  Currently I've been getting around this, by changing my tool to the 'Selection Tool', clicking on an empty part of the stage (as you suggested) and then going back to the brush tool, changing the color, selecting the frame and drawing.


            Is it possible to avoid that "middle-man" step of changing my tool, everytime I wish to change brush colors within a frame?


            so you're saying it isn't possible to append a brush stroke to an existing stroke (like the pen tool) and that what in fact will happen is that flash will create multiple objects on the frame every time i lift my brush off (start/stop a brush stroke)?

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              yes, the 2nd option, create a new layer and create a keyframe will not change object.


              and yes, you create different objects each time you lift your brush and start and stroke.

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                hi-adobe Level 1

                ok, I see.

                I was hoping there was a way to keep it all within one tool, like changing the color for a brush in Photoshop. haha


                I'll look into whether it's possible to merge objects for every time I stop/start a stroke.


                Thank you for the reply!

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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  you're welcome.