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    ram preview issues. snow leopard. ae.cs4


      hi, i am having ram preview trouble in after effects, i am using an imac intel core i7 with 8gbram 27" screen, also a macbook pro dual 2.5ghz, 4gb ram.


      when i hit "0" the preview itself works fine, but when i need to stop it at a certain point in the timeline, it works in the first instance, but when i try it again, the current time indicator stays at its last point, so first time around, i hit "0" and stop the animation at 2 seconds, i then hit "0" again and stop it at 4 seconds, but the current time indicator is not at 4, it is back at 2.


      this is the first time i have done an after effects edit on my imac as it is new, but i did one on my macbook pro at around christmas time, and this function was working fine, i am using an apple extended keyboard on both machines to run after effects, so i just tried it again on the macbook pro and the issue is on there now, seems to me i might have done an update with after effects or mac osx that has caused this, or im missing something in after effects.


      the strange thing is, if i adjust the "work area start/end" slider, this seems to refresh something and it lets me do a ram preview and stop it with the spacebar at my desired point in the timeline.. but it only lets me do this once, its the same case if i change the ram preview option to "play once" instead of "loop", it seems to refresh something and let me stop the animation at my desired point.


      ive been using after effects for nearly ten years, but have just had a year off from it so im not even sure if its a user error! am i missing something?


      any help on this is much appreciated.




      p.s. i have also gone on the apple site and downloaded the latest firmware updates for the keyboard, but im sure it cant be the keyboard as this seems so temporemental.


      running after effetcs:
      os x: 10.6.2
      quicktime: 7.6.3 pro
      also running quicktime x (10)
      also have perian quicktime codecs installed