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    how do I copy my DRM books from adobe D.E  to my BeBook


      System OpenSuse 11.1  (linux)


      In adobe D.E.  I can load normally Ebooks  but it is not possible to copy them to my BeBook,  there is no 'Save as'  function.

      (Adobe D.E.  windowsversion can play in Linux using 'Wine'  )


      I can copy normally all documents to BeBook the normal way but I need adobe D.E  fot the DRM

      because of this limitation of D.E  I never bought a DRM protected book


      My question is.  If I load a DRM protected book and let D.E.  handle of decrypt the DRM  can I us a program  like msExplorer to copy the ebook

      to my BeBook  and read it there?


      (I moved from Windows to Linux Suse  because of the continuing unsafety of Windows and found Suse a much better platform than Windows to work with.  and I can still use my old windows programs in Suse)


      frits vd laan


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          Well, there is no official support for Wine and I am not an expert on either Wine or BeBook eReader. What may help is if it is possible can expose the mass-storage partition that comes from eReader as a USB mass-storage device to Wine (with its own drive letter). Then Digital Editions may be able to see it and give you an option to authorize it. Post back if you manage to work it out - I am unsure if this is possible without Wine modifications.


          Another alternative is to activate your BeBook with Mac or Windows PC (with the same AdobeID). Once you do it, you should be able to simply copy DRM books over to the device and they should just work (however, this will not work with library books - those have to be transferred using Digital Editions).

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            Ingo Strauch

            I'm also on openSUSE 11.1 and tried your suggestion. My Sony PRS 350 has been activated on a windows machine. I just bought a DRM protected book and opened it with Digital Editions (using Wine). The books are stored in "$HOME/My Digital Editions" and can be copied to the reader using any file manager. Works!