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    Custom Playback Control Bar

      We've created a custom playback control and it uploads successfully. In addition, all of the functions work fine, except the Play doesn't nav to the first screen of the movie on the first screen, but it does from the second screen. (History: Screen 1 is an intro screen, Screen 2 is a demo help screen; the actual movie begins on Screen 3.) Is there javascript somewhere for the playback controls we can tweak to change the navigation?

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          CatBandit Level 3
          ??? ... I'd like to help but don't understand the question/problem. Can you try again, using different wording to create a clearer "word picture" of what you are looking for??

          Have you created a Flash playbar that you use instead of the Captivate playbars? Does this creation then have different functions that the regular playbar? If so, what? You seem to be saying that your "Play" button isn't supposed to actually play, but to go forward multiple slides ... or what??

          Is there a reason why you can't use regular click-box or buttons as found in Captivate, with settings to do what you want? I"m probably missing the point here, but would (try to) help if I knew what you really want.