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    URGENT HELP master export setup

    inaksi prod
      Default URGENT HELP master export setup

      I tried to search in the forum before I sent this request and I did not find my answer.
      I am using Production suite CS4, Windows 7. I am trying to figure out whatr is the best export setups (codec) to send to the post captioned place who works with Final cut pro. It is a 45 min documentayy shot on hxp170 that will be broadcasted on APTN channel (standard and HD). I shot 720p 24 fps (native) My files are 1.33 pixel ratio.

      I want the best quality possible regardless of the size of the file.

      Can Avid DNxHD codec work? (I googled and did not find a proper answer)

      Also a problem: I tried to export an MXF version and an uncompressed AVI. I used Sapphire plug ins (cartoon, film scratch, glow etc) and with some export setup, it make some clips slide up or left of the screen!!! Anyone had that before?

      Also: should I export 24 fps or 23.976?

      Thanks a lot.